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Thank you for your inquiry regarding employment with Enjoy Your Face, Inc. - the World's premier Face Painting Company!

After reading this preview, if you believe you meet the qualifications and can comply with our required standards, please click on the Application link at the bottom of this page.

Employees of Enjoy Your Face, Inc. are Artists who create a Facepainting experience for theme park guests. Although we will train you in the finer steps of artistic face painting, you must come to us with some artistic capability. Being an accomplished artist doesn’t necessarily ensure your hiring, as there are many other requirements of this position. The guests we paint are our number one priority so you must be a pro at guest relations and service. Flexibility and Reliability are a plus!

Most of our work is done in the various theme parks in Orlando, FL. The pace is fast and you must be able to stand on your feet the entire duration of your 8 hour shift, except for your lunch/dinner break.

You will be dressed in appropriate theme park costume and will be working outside where you will experience various weather conditions - from very hot and humid, to cool and rainy. In order to comply with strict theme park standards you will not be able to have any visible tattoos or visible body piercings. A natural hair color is required of all. At our Orlando locations, men may have a well-trimmed beard and a well-trimmed moustache. Facial hair must meet grooming guidelines. Men’s hair length can be no longer than the collar of their shirt. Women must have trimmed nails not to extend more than a ¼ inch beyond the fingertips. If you are a smoker, you need to be advised that you may only smoke when on a break, thus limiting your smoking to your lunch/dinner break.

All of our artists are required to work at least one day of the weekend but are encouraged to work both Saturday and Sunday if possible. We have several shift options throughout the day, which enable our artists to meet their schedules but also have adequate time with family and friends outside of work. Because our business is busiest when others in the world play, artists are required to work during the busy spring break holiday season and during the busy times between Thanksgiving and New Year’s holidays.

Enjoy Your Face, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

At our Orlando locations, we offer major medical insurance for our Full-Time employees after 60 days. Artists are paid $10 per hour starting with their first day in training. Artists are eligible for wage reviews annually.

top Thank you for reading this information! After reading this realistic job preview, if you think you can meet these standards and are interested in pursuing employment, please click here to fill out our online application.

Thanks for your interest in becoming an artist for
Enjoy Your Face, Inc.!

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